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WOL Magic Packet Sender 1.5

WOL Magic Packet Sender provides the remote access to the local net computers
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WOL Magic Packet Sender is a program that provides you with remote access to the computers. It is intended for network administrators and allows to wake up computers from standby, hibernate or shutdown modes and do maintenance work, run software patches and make updates.
Magic Packet is a broadcast for the particular subnet. This Packet contains the hardware or MAC address of a specific network card. It sends the signal to the motherboard. The computer receives this packet, checks if it contains correct information, then activates the power supply and boots the system. WOL packets can only be sent through the local network. The Magic Packet is transmitted over port 7 or 9. It is sent over connectionless protocols, such as UDP and IPX (but UDP is used more often).
So to wake up the computer using WOL Magic Packet Sender you should: 1. Run the program. 2. Specify the hostname or IP address. 3. Specify the subnet mask. 4. Type MAC address of the computer to be waked up (Protocol and Port are default settings) 5. Wait for some time the computer starts and you will have access to it. To wake computers from other subnets, the MAC address and the subnet for each computer is required. This program works with Windows XP, Vista, 2003, 2000, ME, 98 and requires .Net Framework 2.0.

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